Vista Santa Rosa

Vista Santa Rosa

Vista Santa Rosa is located in Riverside County, and it is considered a census-designated place. In the 2010 United States census, Vista Santa Rosa’s population was 2,926 people. Vista Santa Rosa sits at an elevation of 69 feet below sea level. According to the CDP, the area covers 16.1 square miles of land and 0.08% of it is water.


Vista Santa Rosa’s hottest month is July with an average high temperature of 108 degrees Fahrenheit. It is ranked one of the hottest places in California. The coldest month is January with average low temperatures of 41 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes Vista Santa Rosa one of the warmest places in California.

Vista Santa Rosa gets around 3 inches of rain annually on average. In comparison, the United States average is 38 inches of rain per year. It never snows in Vista Santa Rosa. The most pleasant months in the area are March, November, and February.


Residents of Vista Santa Rosa experience over 184 sunny days a year. The high temperatures average over 90 degrees year round making it one of the hottest places in California. Residents of Vista Santa Rosa get 10.6 days a year where the nighttime temperatures drop below freezing. It is still warmer than most places in California. These extreme weather changes can really impact the daily lives of the city residents making them seek shelter in the comfort of their homes. In order to help the people enjoy the outdoors more, Shade Builders offers custom made patio cover installations to fit any home and lifestyle as well as budget.


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