Solar Ready
Patio Covers



Keep the  “Curb Appeal”

Have you been thinking about switching to Solar? You can now have Solar Power without having to install those panels on the roof of your home. Imagine having a Solar Powered Home without the possibility of damage to the existing roof or the loss of “curb appeal”. Those unsightly panels can now be moved off the roof and to the back yard.

It was used to be very difficult to mount solar panels on the patio covers, so we are very proud that we are now able to install insulated solar ready patio covers at your home. Solar panels need a great amount of space in order to be cost effective and with our solar ready patio covers your can now have as much space as you need to add panels.


Green Friendly and Energy Efficient

As a homeowner we are sure you will appreciate having both shade as well as the luxury of solar panels. Your home will now be extremely green friendly and energy efficient, so you will be killing two birds with one stone. Your home will now have a lower monthly cooling bill, because the increased shade from the patio cover will lower the temperature in your house. If you elect to have solar panels installed to your home as well, you will save even more over time, utilizing the extra solar panel space on your patio cover.

Many customers worry that they will be losing the aesthetic appeal of their patio cover by putting solar panels on it. We are very proud to say that our solar ready aluminum patio covers are not only built for function but are built with form in mind. You will be pleased with how amazing your new solar ready patio covers look as well.

Shade, Heaters, Lighting, and Comfort

So if you desire to add solar electric panels or solar water heating to your home, our beautiful and insulated solar ready patio covers are the best way to add to your patio ‘s beauty and functionality while giving your solar contractor an easy delivery mechanism to attach panels to. Under the patio cover you will have shade, heaters, lighting, and comfort; and on top money and energy saving solar panels!

Shade Builders can design, engineer, and permit the structure for attachment by the solar installer. Just call us at (760) 578-2930 and we will get your project started!



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I had a very positive experience with Shade Builders. Robert was very responsive to my endless questions. He also gave me great money saving suggestions and worked with my HOA to give them what was needed. The people who worked with Robert were terrific, nice and very accommodating. I would highly recommend them if you need a patio cover. They all were the best and very professional.

Lora S.
Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, CA

So glad we chose Shade Builders to install our patio!.ROB BAMBUSCH is a great guy. He was patient and helpful in assisting us with designing. He made a few trips to our place in Blythe to scout out the yard and offer his input. Wish we would have done this year’s ago. Glad we lost those shade trees…this is so much nicer and no upkeep.Good price and first class materials. Thanks Rob.  I feel very confident in sending referrals your way!

Pete Jones
Indio, CA

My wife and I had a few different quotes and shopped around for the best price. We met with the owner, Robert who took his time to explain everything carefully and made us feel secure going with his company. He gave us a beautiful patio cover that was at a great price. With it being so hot in our area we appreciated the fast turnaround. We enjoy our cover and our time relaxin in our backyard!

Ed Harris
Imperial, CA