Pergola, gazebo, and pavilion, which will fit your home best?

Home gardens and patios are all unique. Therefore, patio covers need to be custom made to fit any size, style, and functionality. Shade Builders offers a wide variety of styles. Let’s see the difference between pavilions, pergolas, and garden arbors and which will fit your home best.


Homeowners that have gardens will often opt for a pergola, which is a structure with vertical pillars or posts that support a sturdy lattice of cross-beams. Although the lattice provides a balanced mixture of sun and shade, most homeowners choose pergolas to accommodate their woody vines like roses or wisteria. Pergolas can be custom made in many sizes and shapes. For instance, a smaller pergola could be a great arch over a walkway or gate in a fence. There are also larger versions that make it an excellent space for gatherings in your garden with friends and family. Make it a magic garden experience and plant wisteria, honeysuckle, or jasmine.

There are different factors like homeowner association, your surroundings, and more that will determine what material will be best for your pergola. Shade Builders will make sure we find the best material that will fit all requirements.


A gazebo is a roofed structure often in hexagonal or octagonal-shape; all of its sides are open. It is usually built on top of a patch of grass, a concrete space, or a decking specially design for it. It can also be standing on its own or joined to a garden wall. A gazebo is an excellent shelter from the elements, and it is a great space to hang out and relax.

For a more significant piece of property, a homeowner may want to build a gazebo in a place they would like to relax away from home such as a river or lake. A gazebo can be customized to offer extra protection from the elements by choosing to add lattice on the sides, or for a less permanent option, you can use curtains. You can always decorate your gazebo with cushions for the benches to make it a welcoming space. You and your loved ones will want to return to it over and over again.


It used to be that you will enjoy the shelter and shade of a pavilion exclusively at parks and campgrounds, but pavilions are coercing their way into the backyard decor. A pavilion is a structure somewhat similar to a house; in that it is a freestanding structure with a roof but no walls. Typically, it is much larger than a gazebo or a pergola. They a great for family events that often take place in a space such as a river front on a vacation property.

Because the pavilion is so much bigger, it has a lot more space for upgrades and customization. Imagine a kitchen at one end? That would be the perfect addition for family reunions. What about a fireplace? Where the family can gather around during colder weather. You can also have fun choosing furniture to go with it, such as picnic tables, and comfortable couches.  The options are endless.

What outdoor structure will best fit my home? 

It can take some time and evaluation when considering to add a back-yard structure to your home, you have to make sure it matches architecturally, and the style fits your needs.

For instance, a pavilion is not necessarily more elegant than a gazebo or a pergola. Both options look charming with blossoming vines, or planters. But, if you are looking to have a more stable and solid floor, maybe for dancing, a gazebo is your choice because they have their own deck floor, while pavilions are built on top of concrete or stone patios.

A pavilion is not a good option if you want to grow a rose garden. Although a rose garden would look lovely on a pergola hanging on your entrance walkway, if your goal is to entertain, you may want to go with a gazebo. There is so much more room to sit around and enjoy the garden.

If you live in a more rustic location a pavilion will fit right in. The prominent structure fits right into the vacation home scenario for a home away from home experience.

It does not matter what patio cover you choose, whether it’s a pergola, pavilion, or gazebo. Outdoor living spaces add style and value to your home. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the design color choices and material. Shade builders are here to assist you, and one of our professional team members will answer all questions you may have.

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