Palm Springs California

Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a fun desert resort city in Riverside County within the Coachella Valley area. It is found approximately 55 miles east of San Bernardino, 123 miles northeast of San Diego, 107 miles east of Los Angeles, and 268 miles west of Phoenix, Arizona. In the 2010 census, the population was 44,552 residents. Palm Springs is one of the biggest cities in Riverside County, covering approximately 94 square miles in land area.

In Palms Springs, you can find numerous forms of recreation such as golf, swimming, tennis, biking, hiking, and horseback riding in the nearby desert and mountain areas. The mid-century modern architecture design elements and vibrant arts and cultural scene makes this city well known.

Palm Springs is a popular destination for retirees and snowbirds. The population almost triples from November to March.


Two thousand years ago, the first humans to settle in the area were the Cahuilla people. Fast forward to 1812, Mexico was independent of Spain, and in March 1823, the Mexican Monarchy ended. During the same year around December diarist, José María Estudillo and Brevet Captain José Romero were sent to find a route from Sonora to Alta California. On their journey, the first recorded the existence of “Agua Caliente: at Palm Springs, California. With the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo after the Mexican-American War, the region became part of the United States in 1848.


With a hot desert climate, Palm Springs enjoys over 300 sunny days and a little over 4 inches of rain every year. The winter months are warm and most of the days in winter reach 70 degrees Fahrenheit. During January and February, temperatures will reach 80 degrees Fahrenheit and on occasion over 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

The lowest temperature recorded is 19 degrees Fahrenheit. During the summer, you can experience temperatures well above 110 degrees Fahrenheit, which also comes with night lows of 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


Residents experience hot weather throughout the year as well as occasional freezing weather. Extreme heats and colds make people want to stay indoors to be comfortable. Trying to keep cool can be pricey when you add up all those sunny 110 degrees Fahrenheit days. Utility bills can skyrocket during the warmer days. But residents do not only have to rely on air conditioning. Some solutions can save money time and bring comfort to your home.


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