Summer is approaching, which means we’re ready to get outside and enjoy the sun! Insulated patio covers are essential this summer for anyone that wants to enjoy their backyard without worrying about sun exposure and heat. They will help keep you cooler and protected on those days you want to be outside.

Insulated vs. Non-insulated

Non-insulated patio covers have many benefits, such a being lightweight, easy to maintain, and a cheaper option. They are great for those whose main goal is to keep rain or snow off their patio, but there are many advantages they are missing. Insulated patio covers allow for more controlled temperatures under the surface in both the summer and winter. This will help keep power bills down! They protect any furniture under the cover from sun damage, which in turn prolongs the lifespan. The insulation allows for electrical wiring to go through the cover without being seen. These benefits, along with the improved look, will add additional value to your home.

Benefits of Insulated Patio Covers

A shaded outside area will allow you to enjoy your backyard while keeping your energy bill down. Controlling temperature under the cover will keep the area cooler during the summer. The temperature will be around 10-15 degrees cooler under the shade. What’s the fun of a patio if you can only use it a couple of months out of the year? Another benefit is that the shaded area will protect your furniture and grill, giving them a couple of extra years of life. The shade doesn’t only preserve patio furniture, but you as well! Spend the day outside without having to worry about when the last time was you put on sunscreen.

Insulated covers will help you to add some extra amenities to your space. The insulation allows you to run electrical wiring through the cover without any wires showing. This means you can set up lights, a fan, or surround sound speakers on your patio cover.

If you want to improve the look and experience of your patio, an insulated patio cover will be the perfect addition to your home. For additional information on our patio covers and other services, visit our services page on our website or call (760) 578-2930.