Equinox® Louvered Roof

A; Equinox® is designed and built to last. Durable aluminum components tested under Miami-Dade County Hurricane protocols are engineered to withstand the local elements.

Equinox® Louvered Roofs contain louver blades that rotate within a fixed frame. Driven by a solar powered motor, the louvers rotate in unison to allow the exact amount of light, shade and ventilation desired. When closed, the interlocking louver blades create a waterproof seal. The louvers are slightly pitched to direct water into an integrated gutter and downspout system that channels rainwater away from the covered area.Residential roofs are typically controlled by a rechargeable solar powered battery and a remote control that require no additional wiring or power from the home.Depending on the roof size, commercial roofs are controlled by one or more toggle switches located near the patio area. The motor is powered by a transformer connected to an ordinary 110v outlet.

A: Equinox® Louvered Roof systems can be used wherever sun, light and weather control is needed. Whether covering a patio, deck, spa, pool, outdoor kitchen, BBQ area, entryway or courtyard, Equinox® roofs are designed and engineered to enhance outdoor lifestyles. The roofs may be built as a free-standing system or attached to an existing structure.

The louvers and all support components (beams, gutters and posts) are warranted for twenty (20) years from the date on installation against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service. The power components (motor, solar panel, link bar, electronic controls) are warranted for three (3) years (parts replacement only) from the date of installation. Batteries are warranted for one (1) year from date of installation.
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A: Aluminum can, with very little care, be kept in good condition. It has a high natural resistance to the corrosive conditions normally encountered during transport and storage. The principal conditions against which it is necessary to guard are those likely to cause surface abrasion and water stains.

A: With Knotwood, you never have to paint, stain or oil it, saving you time and money.

A: Yes, in direct sunlight the decking will be warm. Aluminium dissipates heat faster than any other material and tests have show Knotwood aluminium decking to slightly cooler than traditional wood, composites and ipe.

A: If mistreated anything will scratch but it is the most durable exterior finish available to date.

A: We offer an industry leading warranty to guarantee your Knotwood will last, see our Warranty page for full details.

A: The process involves the physical reaction between special inks and a polyurethane or polyester powder coating. Under controlled conditions of heat and pressure, photographic images are absorbed directly into the powder coating.

See making Knotwood under resources / knotwood / making knotwood.



A: Alumawood® Shade Structures are constructed of embossed aluminum with a textured wood-grain finish. The structures are built with heavy header beams and a weather-resistant Aluma-ShieldSM paint system with Teflon® additive that withstands sun, rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. Alumawood® Shade Structure need virtually no maintenance. Unlike real wood, Alumawood® Shade Structures won’t burn, crack, peel, warp, rot, or attract termites. Our environmentally friendly Alumawood® Shade Structures are made from from recycled aluminum.

Alumawood® Shade Structures come in two different styles to suit your needs. If you want added shade but prefer partial sun and refreshing breezes, our Laguna lattice patio cover is the ideal solution. However, our Newport solid roof patio cover provides you and your outdoor furniture with the best protection against the elements. You’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor living space even when the weather isn’t ideal.

A: The cost of materials for an Alumawood® Shade Structure is comparable to that of a wooden shade structure. However, Alumawood® Shade Structure cost less in the long run because you’ll never need to scrape, paint, or repair them.

A: Yes. Products comply with the 2009 and 2012 International Building Code and 2010 and 2013 California Building Code. For specific questions on wind, snow and live load requirements, contact your local building department.

A: Other than a ceiling fan as per the specific engineering detail, our engineering does not support anything installed on top of or hanging from our Alumawood products.

A: Amerimax uses a weather-resistant, anti-corrosive Aluma-ShieldSM paint system with Teflon® surface protector. It is the most durable paint system in the aluminum patio cover market. The paint system withstands the harshest conditions, including sun, rain, wind, and extreme temperatures.

A: While we do not recommend it, you can repaint Alumawood® Shade Structures; however, the proper preparation is critical. Amerimax recommends consulting a professional paint store for repainting advice. Alumawood® Shade Structures are coated with silicone polyester and cured in a paint line oven for a durable finish. Repainting will likely weather and fade quicker than factory paint.