Alumawood Patio Covers vs Wood Patio Covers

Patio Cover Investment 

Apples and oranges are way too different, yet they serve a similar purpose, so think about that when we start comparing Aluminum and wood patio covers. Let’s begin with the specifics; these materials couldn’t differ more when talking about the individual differences. That said, when the dust settles, however, it all boils down to durability, which is the one quality that sets them both apart. Most people who choose one type of pergola over another have to, at some point, consider how long the pergola cover will last. Beauty, on the other hand, is subjective from person to person, so really, it’s hard to debate that. What is debatable, however, are all the individual qualities that set them both apart and make them so unique.

A wood pergola is not recommended if…

  • The idea of it turning to dust after 15+ years does not excite you.
  • You are not into feeding termites.
  • Sanding, scraping, and painting isn’t in your bucket list.
  • You like to save money.

The aluminum pergola is for you if…

  • You want it to last… and last… and last.
  • You are into saving money.

The Wood Patio Covers

Wooden patio covers originate from wood products. However, wood material varies according to which area of the United States it comes from. Concrete tile with lattice or shade bars are the materials used to fabricate a wood patio cover. The variations are many, they differ in size and styles. In comparison to Alumawood patio covers, wood patio covers tend to be higher in price.

Before aluminum patio covers came into the picture wood patio covers where the only choice and it is a classic. The beauty of real wood patio cover is enjoyed by many, and wood patio covers do have some other advantages. The product and materials used are timeless, and wood patio covers will never go out of style. The possibilities with wood patio covers are endless. The fact that the design options are limitless can really help increase home value.

Among the negative traits is the limited lifespan, and how real wood patio covers may inevitably eventually become spoiled with dust. They are bulky, and therefore are heavy and the installation is much more costly. Compared to aluminum, the installation also takes longer. The most bothersome trait for many is that their wood patio cover maintenance is continual, such as painting, and replacing damaged wood on a regular basis.

The Alumawood Patio Covers

Alumawood patio covers are available in multiple variations and styles. Designed and manufactured in a way that looks and feels like real wooden patios, but these patio covers are built with aluminum. They are an amazing invention since they do not rot or need much maintenance.

Among the many advantages you can consider the fact that they do not deteriorate with time, and they are resistant to the natural elements. They are easy to install and never require painting. The only maintenance needed is washing. Alumawood patio cover installation takes about two days while wood patio installation might take up to a week.

Nonetheless, for every positive, there is a negative, Alumawood patio covers compared to wood have limited options when it comes to colors. Another limitation will be size, in other words, it cannot be as massive in scale compared to wood.

Same as wood patio covers, Alumawood patio covers allow for various electrical improvements such as lighting and accessories like fans. Alumawood patio covers are very customizable with a wide variety of possibilities when talking about styles and shapes.

Aluminum patio covers are a great product and make fantastic patio cover systems. Generally the only reason homeowners decide to go with wood patio covers is because they like the look of real wood. So when it is time to select between the two it usually comes down to personal preference driven by the looks as well as the needs such as durability, endurance, and the ease of maintenance that Alumawood Patio Covers provide.

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