If you are one of those people who prefer to be outdoors rather than sitting inside a controlled, air-conditioned environment, then a patio cover makes perfect sense. It creates a physical barrier between you and the sun and the rain while allowing you to spend as much time enjoying the outdoors as you want without having to worry about the elements year-round. Enjoy a year-round gathering place for your family in the comfort of your home with Shade Builder’s patio covers.

Extend Your Living Space

Shade Builders love creating that outdoor living space that will bring families together no matter the weather. Having a covered patio will extend your living space into the freshness of the outdoors and nature. Your brand-new patio cover will act as a shelter against the sun during the day, allowing you to relax and read a book or enjoy the company of your family and friends. Having a patio cover makes it a safe space to entertain dinner guests and enjoy sunny weather. Patio cover combined with creative lighting choices creates a cozy beautiful space for you to enjoy in the evening and at night as well. You can enjoy your patio covers all year round and at all hours of the day or night.

Increase Patio Furniture Life

Not only your patio cover protects you and your family from the elements, having that shelter will increase the life span of your outdoor furniture. Patio cover protects you outdoor furniture from the harmful sun rays, and you get to enjoy your furniture for longer. Patio furniture is just as costly as living room furniture, so be sure to protect your investment.

Energy Efficient Home

A year-round gathering place for your family is not the only reason they are great. Believe it or not, patio covers will also make your home energy efficient by providing shelter from the sun. When homeowners install patio covers, they are protecting their homes, since the cover will be the first contact with the elements acting as a shield. The sun will first hit the patio cover, which will prevent the harmful rays from reaching your home. Since not as many sun rays hit your home when you have a patio cover installed, your indoor spaces become cooler and stay fresher longer. This shelter gives your HVAC system a break, and you get to enjoy the best of both worlds with significant savings.

With the patio cover installed homeowners tend to cook outside more. Grilling outside will help you keep the inside temperature low adding savings to your energy bill.

Don’t wait anymore and enjoy a year-round gathering place for your family. Contact Shade Builders today for your brand-new patio cover. Call us today at (760) 578-2930 or email us at shadebuilders@aol.com